The Surly Circus Characters

Each little character has a back story and their own little thoughts
 that you can read about in the book

Todd Olrod - Aquatic Lifeguard
Victoria Bottlebee - Ringmaster's Daughter
Polly Beckett - Announcer
Nan & Pan Castor - Conjoined Twins
Kayleena Kable - Contortionist
Maude Nixon - High Tower Bather
Florence Arnett - Magician's Assistant
Phil Landry - Magician
Beatrice Dellaware -Equine Acrobat
Clarence Tide - Amusement Ride Operator
Edward Bottlebee - Ringmaster
Tom Pickard - Strongman
Percy Castleton - Ticket Sales
Harry Friere - Cross Dresser
Billy Tide - Lion Tamer
Miriam Bale - Soothsayer
Terrance Stole - Clown